B. John Zavrel


B. John Zavrel (* August 2, 1949 in Kurim/Gurein, Czechoslovakia) is a certified public accountant/auditor, author, publisher, honorary consul, editor of an internet journal, and art museum founder and director.




Emigrated to the United States at the age of 19 in 1969, after the Soviet communist invasion and occupation of his native country in 1968. Received US citizenship in 1975.

Married Sandra McCracken in 1972; sons Wesley, Christopher and Thomas.

Founded and operated an auditing firm in the Buffalo area for 42 years (1978-2020). Audit areas were construction, real estate, health care and nursing homes in Western New York and Long Island, mainly for the McGuire Group of companies. It was founded by the prominent Buffalo businessman Frank J. McGuire, who for decades provided jobs for thousands of people.





Founded the internet journal PROMETHEUS and is the current publisher and editor.

Founded the Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York and is the current director and curator.

Founded the Sculpture Garden of Alexander the Great (2008) with bronze sculptures and portrait-busts of a number of prominent personalities. The Alexander Garden has been dedicated to Wilson Greatbatch, the inventor of the implantable heart pacemaker, and his wife Eleanor.

Conducted a number of interviews with US and international personalities including Hermann Oberth, Arno Breker, Kurt Arentz, Roger Peyrefitte, Joe F. Bodenstein, Uri Ely, Renate Stendar, Swami Veda Bharati, Thubten Jigme Norbu, Wilson Greatbatch, Ernst Jünger, Rita Süssmuth, Montserrat Barenys, Birgit Sewekow and others.

Wrote numerous articles since 1984 on art and culture in the support of art of the Classical tradition and to promore friendly cultural relations on a 'people-to-people basis' between Germany and the United States.

Arranged a number of exhibitions in the US and Germany.

Commissioned portrait-busts and paintings of important personalities of our time.




Pubished the following books:

  • Salute America! A Commemorative Portfolio
  • Art of Our Time. An exhibition catalog.
  • Arno Breker: His Art and Life, by B. John Zavrel
  • Arno Breker: The Divine Beauty in Art, by B. John Zavrel
  • Primer for Those Who Would Govern, by Hermann Oberth
  • The Collected Writings of Arno Breker
  • Hermann Oberth: The Father of Space Flight, by Boris Rauschenbach
  • A Museum is Born. An exhibition catalog.
  • Secret Friendships, by Roger Peyrefitte


Exhibitions (a selection)


Organized and initiated numerous exhibitions:

  • Art of Our Time (Milwaukee, MN)
  • Hermann Oberth:The Father of Space Flight (Marshall Space Center, Huntsville, AL)
  • Hommage a Arno Breker (Duquesne University, Pittsburg, PA)
  • A Museum is Born (Clarence, NY)
  • A Word about Words - Honoring the Czech President Vaclav Havel (Clarence, NY)
  • Edward Tabachnik: The Halls of the Hermitage (Clarence, NY)
  • Divina Comedia by Salvador Dalí (Clarence, NY)
  • Art Metropolis (Clarence, NY)
  • Art Boulevard (Clarence, NY)
  • Tibet and its People (Clarence, NY)
  • Binyamin Shalumov: From Dagestan around the World (Nörvenich Castle, Germany)


Internet Journal PROMETHEUS


Founder, publisher and editor of the internet bulletin PROMETHEUS JOURNAL

Over 2,400 articles in English, German and French have been published through 2021.

Prometheus ARCHIVES of past articles available at


Commissions of Works of Art and Patronage (a selection)


Commissioned portrait-busts and paintings:


  • President Ronald Reagan, by Kurt Arentz
  • H.H. the Dalai Lama, by Kurt Arentz
  • President George Bush, by Kurt Arentz
  • Wilson Greatbatch, by Peter Hohberger
  • President Bill Clinton, by Kurt Arentz
  • H.H. Swami Rama of the Himalayas, by Kurt Arentz
  • President Vaclav Havel, by Kurt Arentz
  • Frank J. McGuire, by Kurt Arentz


  • Arno Breker: The Fire of Creativity, by Margaret Stucki
  • Hermann Oberth: The Space Dream by Margaret Stucki
  • Swami Rama: The Sage, by Helga Tiemann
  • Wilson Greatbatch, by Mary McAndrew
  • Bucephalos, by Jan Künster




  • Chancellor of the Order of Alexander the Grear Pour le Mérite for Art and Science
  • European Art Foundation EKS
  • NRW Kunstkreis, Germany
  • Hermann-Oberth Museum, Nürnberg, Germany
  • Arno-Breker Gesselschaft, Nörvenich, Germany
  • Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic
  • Key to Buffalo
  • Portrait by James Culligan




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