Paul Seimetz


Paul Seimetz (* August 10, 1934 in Zell an der Mosel; + February 20, 2009 in Düren, Germany) was a German soldier, heraldic expert, painter and illustrator.


Life and Work


Paul Seimetz grew up in Zell and from 1941 in Luxemburg. His parents were Albert Seimetz, a finance government official, and his wife Johanna. His grandfather and great-grandfather were teachers in Saarland. On September 1, 1944 the family was evacuated and came to Mayen.

Already in 1952 Seimetz produced his first artistic works. Two years later he concentrated his work on painting posters. In 1957 he joined the Luftwaffe, the German Army's Air Force.

In 1970 he studied heraldic research and design, and in 1978 opened his atelier in Erding near Munich. In 1972 he built a house in St. Leon-Rot near Heidelberg and commuted between Erding and his family.

After being stationed in various locations by the Air Force, he retired on March 31, 1986. After his divorce from his first wife, he moved to Hochkirchen. Here he built his art studio, and concentrated his work on landscapes and graphic works. At the European painting competition "Historical Buildings" he received the first place.

In 1960 he married his first wife, Margareta Schäfer.His daughter Elke Seimetz is art educator, painter and illustrator. Seimetz had three daughters and one son from his first marriage. His second wife was Ruth Gilleßen, whom he married in 1982.

He was named by Consul B. John Zavrel as the chief heraldic desigtner of the international Alexander Order. In 1987 he built his art studio in Hochkirchen, where he concentrated on landscape painting and portraits. He was also active as an illustrator.




  • 1980 Galerie Le Petit Pommery, Paris
  • 1982 Morenas Art, Philadelphia (USA)
  • 1995 MARCO - Galerie Bonn
  • 1997 Museum Europäische Kunst
  • 2003 Galerie im Rittersaal Schloss Nörvenich
  • 2004 Museum of European Art, Clarence, NY (USA)
  • 2010 Museum Europäische Kunst, Nörvenich Castle




  • Award of the Europa Kreuz on July 6, 1983
  • Silver medal of the Alexander Order Pour le Mérite on July 31, 1997
  • Honorary plaque of the Tirolean Kaiserjäger in Innsbruck on May 12, 2001