Siegfried W. Lunau


Siegfried W. Lunau (* December 16, 1944 in Schwelm; + June 7, 2013 in Sprockhövel) was a German sculptor and painter of the Classical moderne. He belonged to the sculptors of the "Novelle Ecole" group of artists in France, who after the Second World War renewed the classical tradition of sculpture. Lifelong he was commited to the Western culture, but also led a lively dialog with representatives of other cultural circles in Asia, Africa and America.




Siegfried W. Lunau was born on December 16, 1944 as the first son of the academic painter Siegfried Lunau. In his father's atelier Lunau received instructions in drawing and learned verious painting techiques already as a pupil. Due to his artistic talent, he was excused from taking sports classes in school, in order to pursue his art studies. At that time he got interested in three dimensional forms. In the beginning, he started with sculpting animals in clay, beeswax and plaster.

To Lunau's artistic life belonged also a lively exchange with artists of various styles, intellectuals, businessmen, poets and thinkers. He was in personal contact with Arno Breker, Ernst Jünger, Ernst Fuchs, Kurt Arentz, Birgit Sewekow and Roger Peyrefitte. He held in great esteem Auguste Rodin, Aristide Maillol, Jean Cocteau, Max Liebermann, Henry Moore and Wilhelm Kreis.

Lunau died from cancer, and was burried on June 13, 2013 in the Evangelical cemetery in Sprockhövel.


Works (a selection)


Works by Siegfried W. Lunau are in public and private collections, among others:

  • Commemorative relief Felipe VI at the Bodenstein Castle in Nörvenich
  • Portrait-bust Kurt Arentz
  • Portrait-relief Kurt Arentz
  • The Coat-of-Arms "Nörvenich Castle"


Exhibitions (a selection)


  • 1980 "Neues Schaffen", Galerie Marco Edition in Bonn
  • 1982 "Bilder aus Europa", West-Art Gallery, Clarence, New York, USA
  • 1988 "The latest Paintings", RyCroft Gallery, San Jose, California, USA
  • 1991 "Künstlerfreunde und ihr Werk", Nörvenich Castle, Germany
  • 1995 "Kleine Formate von S. W. Lunau, Museum of European Art, Clarence, New York
  • 2007 Art of Russia and Germany: "Shalumov and Lunau", Museum Europäische Kunst (Patronage by Vladimir Putin)
  • 2010 "Boats, Sea and Ports" Impressions from France, Knights' Hall, Nörvenich Castle