Opportunity for the New Art Generation


By Consul B. John Zavrel



Director Mary McAndrew announces a new program to promote artists especially from the Buffalo-Toronto area by quarterly exhibitions at the Museum of European Art in Clarence.


Buffalo, NY (mea) 'The Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York is encouraging artists--both painters and sculptors--to show their works at the museum's quarterly art exhibitions,' according to the director Mary McAndrew.

'Every three months we have a new exhibition opening up. Mostly we show the works of well-known 20th century artists like Dali, Fuchs, Arentz, Stendar, Warhol, Moore and Chagall, but in addition to that we have always looked to find new, original and promising artists from Europe.

Foreign artists who have exhibited the museum include Kurt Arentz (Germany), Ernst Fuchs (Austria), Alessandra Della Valentina (Italy), Uri Ely (Israel), Renate Stendar (Switzerland), Edward Tabachnik (Canada), Helga Tiemann, Jan Künster,Ludwig Angerer (Germany) and Hugo Haig-Thomas (England).

Recently we have started to show also the works of American and Canadian artists who like to find another opportunity to present their works to the public', said McAndrew in a recent interview.

Among the American artists whose works have been shown at the museum previously were Mary Weig, Elizabeth Gross-Marks, Mary McAndrew, Bradley Widman, Wendy Macdonald Mills, Walter Prochownik, John Baker, Jody Ziehm, Geeta Harvey, Pat Roberts (California), ViviAnn Rose (Utah), Cornelia Dohse-Peck, Binyamin Shalumov, Amos de Barros, James Culligan, Craig Chivers, etc.

'We are especially interested to show paintings and sculptures of artists living in the BUFFALO-TORONTO area. And the young, aspiring artist are especially welcome - they are the ones who need more opportunities to show their works. And we would love to see more young artists from Toronto exhibiting at our Museum in the future,' emphasized Mary McAndrew.

Because of limited space and considerable interest, usually 2 to 8 representative works of several artists will be featured. Applications are now being accepted for the next exhibition.

Interested artists should fill out this ARTWORK SUBMISSION FORM and mail it with their vita and photographs or slides (to be kept in the Museum's archives) of up to 8 of their representative works which they would like to exhibit to: Museum of European Art, 10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031. Tel. (716) 759-6078. http://www.MEAus.com, e-mail: zavrel@MEAus.com

'If an artist's work is for sale, the Museum will take only 20% commissission if the work is sold. Our goals are to support artists in their work, as well as to support the Museum's non-profit programs', according to McAndrew.

For more information, contact John Zavrel (716-759-6078, e-mail: zavrel@MEAus.com).


ARTWORK SUBMISSION FORM: http://www.MEAus.com/artwork-submission-form.htm

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