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Art Gallery Spiritual Corner



July 21-23, 2000


Come learn and enjoy with

Swami Rama's teachers, initiators, old time students and new friends.



Sponsored by the Institute of the Himalayan Tradition.



Invitations include speakers

Swami Satchitananda,

Yogi Bhajan,

Roy Eugene Davis, and more.


Attend seminars and workshops in

philosophy, meditation, breathing,

postures, yoga of sight, nutrition,

health issues&emdash;a host of topics for your enrichment.



Where: University of St. Thomas Campus

Location: St. Paul, MN


Campus rooms are available for modest cost.



Send all inquiries and brochure requests to :

Dr. Justin O'Brien, using this e-mail:

Justin O'Brien <job@uswest.net>, and include your address


by mail: 1317 Summit Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105-2602