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 Exhibition "SALVADOR DALI @ 100 YEARS"

May 11 to August 31, 2004



©Photograph: Dali-Archive, Marco-VG.



Our SPRING 2004 art exhibition "SALVADOR DALI @ 100 YEARS', is in honor of the 100th birthday anniversary of the 'King of Surrealists' from Catalonia, Spain.

Exhibited will be 72 lithographs and color woodcuts from his series 'The Divine Comedy', bronze sculptures, the rare 'DALI BIBLE' with 80 color illustrations by Dalí, and other objects of art.


Participating artists:

David Digby, Elizabeth Doherty, Deborah Rush, Maria Hatzipetros, Genia Chef (Germany), Uri Ely (Israel), Montserrat Barenys (Spain), ViviAnn Rose (Utah), Edward Bialek (Poland), Dasa Bausova (Colorado), Judie Champlin, Paula Borkowski, Kenneth Rummel (Florida), Tana Christiansen, Marco Bodenstein (Germany), Elisaveta Alexandrova (Bulgaria), Stella Shalumova, and others.



Tuesday, MAY 11, 2004

6 to 8 p.m.


Museum of European Art

10545 Main Street

Clarence, New York 14031


Tel. (716) 759-6078 E-mail: zavrel@meaus.com


'CRANIUM CLOCK', by Genia Chef (Germany)

From our 'Wilson & Eleanor Greatbatch Collection'.






Within the crystal that bears round the world

the name of its great king in that golden age

when evil's flag had not yet been unfurled,

like polished gold ablaze in full sunlight

I saw a ladder rise so far above my

it soared beyond the reaches of my sight.


The Divine Comedy, Canto 21, verse 28-29


PARADISE, by Salvador Dalí


Copyright 2004 West-Art, Prometheus 91/2004


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Nr. 91, Spring 2004