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Dalí Perfume Catalog

First Museum Exhibition "The Divine Fragrances of Dalí"


Space-Venus. A small sculpture, made after a design by Salvador Dalí. The multiple was used on a perfume-bottle. The sculpture has symbols by Dalí: the egg and soft watch.

Foto Copyright: Dalí-Archives, EKS


Berlin (bpb) Salvador Dalí and his perfumes are for first time on display in a museum exhibition in May, 2004. The European Art Foundation has organized the presentation in the Museum of European Art at Noervenich Castle in Germany.

For the first time in art history, a catalogue is published with the title: "The Divine Fragrances" (Die Göttlichen Düfte--Les Fragrances Divines). The research work was done by the Dalí Expert Detlef Lehmann, Curator of the Dalí-Archives, EKS. The English translation is by Christopher Scott Zavrel (USA).

Displayed are fascinating perfume bottles--such as bottles in the shape of the lips, in different variations and colors. More details and order for the extraordinary catalogue: info@europaeische-kultur-stiftung.org

The exhibition is a part of celebrations of the 100th birthday of Salvador Dalí on May 11, 2004. The Dalí Year 2004, proclaimed by His Majesty the King of Spain, is under the patronage of H.M. King Juan Carlos I. and Queen Sofía of Spain.

The Exhibition "100 Years SALVADOR DALÍ" with graphic works, sculptures and objects will be open from May 10 to September 30, 2004. For more details see www.europaeische-kultur-stiftung.org


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