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Dear Friends,

we are ALL privileged to be invited

to take part in this




To honor 60 years of

unceasing travel

and teaching by

Swami Veda Bharati,

his students and initiates worldwide

will make him a love offering

of a minimun of

50,000,000 mantra-japa

so that his wellness

and teaching may endure.


That is 500 participants

doing one mala per day

for about 1008 days

starting from now.


To be completed with

sacred fire offerings

in Rishikesh,

by the Holy Ganges

on February 16, 2007.



The Mantra : Mrityunjaya


Om. Trayambakam yajámahe

Sugandhim pushti-vardhanam

Urvárukam iva bandhanán

Mrityor mukshíya mámritát.



We would very much appreciate a list of those who wish to participate (including their e-mail contact address) to the addresses below for continued communication.


To order


1) A cassette of the pronunciation

2) Detailed lectures on this mantra,


please contact Info@themeditationcenter.org

(in the Americas and Europe)





(in India and Asia)



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