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Archive photo of Moissey Kogan from the Domgalerie in Köln

Breker, Dix, Flechtheim in the artist group 'Junges Rheinland'


Group photo with Moissey Kogan: the Jewish sculptor, painter and graphic work artist is standing in the second row, second from the right. The young Arno Breker, who introduced Kogan in Köln, is in the third row with crossed arms.

Foto Copyright Kogan-Archiv Berlin, Marco-RV


Berlin (bpb) An up to now unknown photo of the sculptor Moissey Kogan has been discovered in the Kogan Archive. The photo was taken at the Domgalerie in Köln in the winter of 1928. Kogan was brought in by the 28-year old Arno Breker, whom Kogan came to know in Paris. Breker was very popular the the art circles in Köln, Wuppertal and especially the Köln. There he was in close contact among others with Max Ernst and his family.

The Berlin art researcher Robert Alexander Rene Dupuis has, through his research work in art history, identified the following persons on the photo:

First row, from left to right: The painter Otto Dix (reclining), the Düsseldorf sculptor Jupp Rübsam, (unknown).

Second row: Harriet Ellen von Rathelf Keilmann (possible), (unknown), (unknown) (unknown), Moissey Kogan, (unknown).

Third row: Dr. Herbert Eulenburg, Arno Breker, (unknown), (unknown).

Fourth row: in the background, Dr.Karl Schwesig, the Berlin art dealer Alfred Flechtheim (behind Breker), (unknown), Artur Kaufmann.

The art historian Dupuis Kunsthistoriker Dupuis points to the fact that nearly all of the unidentified persons in the photograph were members of the avantguard art society "Das Junge Rheinland" (The Young Rhineland).

The Kogan Archive would like to identify the remaining persons in the photograph, and requests help in this matter. The photo shows 17 persons, among them three women. It is possible, that among them are also the art dealer Aenne Abels, as well as other artists and art collectors of the 1920s. Information about the group photo can be sent by e-mail to MARCO-VG@gmx.de



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