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Rishikesh Foundation

10545 Main Street

Clarence, New York 14031

Tel. (716) 759-6078 Fax (716) 759-7925




In less than a year, a very special event will take place in India, at the confluence of three sacred rivers: the next Kumbha Mela.

It is a gathering of millions of spiritually minded people from around the world, which takes place every 12 years, since ancient times.

And among these gatherings, every 12th Kumbha Mela, taking place every 144 years, is of especially great significance.

These 144-year junctions of cosmic forces have seen the history of mankind take turns in new directions, either for the better or for the worse. Just take a look at a few of these past junctions and think about the events and developments which followed these dates: 1857, 1713, 1569 and 1425.

In January 2001 is the next 'great' Kumbha Mela, the one that comes around only once every 144 years.

It is thought by the sages of the Himalayas that we are now approaching another era of vast, far-reaching changes.

So this upcoming gathering is one which will be very auspicious for the positive forces in humanity to gather at this ancient place of pilgrimage.

Through our association with Swami Rama of the Himalayas and his leading disciple Swami Veda Bharati, there is now a possibility for us to take part in this once in a lifetime event.

We are taking part in a 2-week trip to India in January 2001, with the Kumbha Mela as its high point.

Afterwards we will visit the ancient city of Varanasi (Benaras), which is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, going back some 5,000 years.

Swami Veda Bharati, one of some 30 leading swamis of all of India, is making arrangements which would make it possible for us to take part in this event in as much comfort and safety as possible, and also at a very favorable price.

Among our friends at this Kumbha Mela will be students of Swami Rama and Swami Veda from around the world: from Germany, France, Italy, England, Spain, Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, United States, Central and South America.

You would be in the company of fellow seekers from all different cultures.

If you feel inclined to take part in this great adventure, we invite you to join us.

Time to sign up is short, and if you are interested, you need to make your reservations with a $ 400 deposit by May 25th. A sign-up sheet is enclosed. Mention that you are registering as part of the 'RISHIKESH FOUNDATION' group, AND also INFORM US at zavrel@meaus.com

Feel free to contact me with any questions, if you are interested in joining us for this unique trip.



In service of the lineage


B. John Zavrel


March 6, 2000

The Meditation Center..............................................Swami Rama's Ashram

831 University Avenue NE .......................................Sadhana Mandir Trust

Minneapolis, MN 55413 ..........................................Ramnagar, P.O. Pashulok

USA ..................................................................Rishikesh, U.P. 24903

Phone: 612-379-2386 .............................................Phone: 91-135-431485, 433886

Fax: 612-379-2456 ..............................................Fax: 91-135-431582

Email: info@themeditationcenter.org ....................E-Mail: tadit@nda.vsnl.net.in



Date: March 1, 2000


Dear Fellow Pilgrims,



Do come and join the rest of your spiritual family at this once in a lifetime event of the Maha Kumbha Mela in Allahabad in January 2001. Please see the attached information with this email.

Much planning has already gone into arranging this "tent city" so that we can make provisions to ensure that this event is as comfortable as possible for you. You would be happy to know that in organising this, I am working in association with another brother Swami, who has had the experience of establishing other similar camps for at least 6 prior Kumbha Melas. Our camp may just prove to be the envy of all other camps!

We have already made arrangements for you to stay at the Taj Palace Hotel on your arrival into Delhi, but if you and your group prefer to make your own arrangements for Delhi accommodation, then please let us know in advance, so that your bill will be $108.00 less. In that case, we shall see you at the airport shortly before departure for Varanasi on the 18th January 2001.

Please note that the space is limited for this event, so I do encourage you to register as soon as possible. Payment of 25% of the tour package to the equivalent of $400 US per person must be made by 25th May 2000 to guarantee that you have a reservation. You may contact Indra at "Search Beyond Adventures" for registration and flight reservations; those in Canada may contact Arvind at "C World Travel Ltd." (Please see the attached information for details).

When we have your registration we will send you further details on the Varanasi holy city tour.

Eagerly waiting to serve you during your pilgrimage to the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers,



Swami Veda Bharati




with Swami Veda Bharati

Allahabad, India---January 2001



A rare opportunity awaits you at the confluence of three holy rivers in the sacred city of Allahabad, India. Join the twenty million people immersing during this spiritual event. A vast tent city houses the seekers as they wait for their turn for the holy bath. Afterwards, visit Siva's holy city of Varanasi and nearby Saranath, where Buddha presented his first sermon. End your tour in India's capital city of New Delhi, or extend your stay in Rishikesh, studying the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Swami Veda Bharati.



January 17-29, 2001 $1,600 USD per person (excluding international airfare)

Payment can be made by check (in USA only), money order, or by credit card.



This is a package tour which includes Kumbha Mela and a tour of Varanasi. On January 17, 2001 you will arrive from your home city to Delhi, India. We have arranged for your overnight accommodation at the Taj Palace hotel. The next day we will fly to Varanasi and then take a shuttle bus to Allahabad campsite for the holy retreat. Kumbha Mela celebrations will then be from January 19-26. Afterwards, we depart for Varanasi on January 26 afternoon, where we will relax and sight-see the next couple days; experiencing unique cultural events and visiting sacred grounds in the ancient city. On January 29 we fly to Delhi airport where the tour officially ends. In Delhi, you may tour on your own and stay overnight as you wish. You then have the option of continuing to Rishikesh staying at Swami Rama's Ashram for Yoga-sutra study, or flying back to your home city.




Airfare between Delhi and Varanasi, meals, guided sightseeing, lodging, Kumbha mela program, ground transportation as noted.



Airfare from your home city to Delhi, local taxis for your shopping etc, personal incidentals, laundry, cancellation fees and medical insurance, airport departure taxes, guru-dakshina and yajna offerings.




25% of tour cost ($400.00 USD or equivalent) by May 25, 2000.

Balances are due November 17, 2000.



$30 for cancellations received by September 17, 2000.

$100 for cancellations received September 18-November 17, 2000.

$500 for cancellations received November 18, 2000-January 10, 2001.

No refund for cancellations received after January 10, 2001.

All cancellations must be in writing and directed to the tour coordinator.



Check with your Indian consulate for current travel documentation needed. Most persons entering India will need a passport and visa. US and Canadian citizens need a passport with at least six months validity, plus visa.

Consult your physician for any immunization recommendations.



Hotels in Delhi and Varanasi are double occupancy unless upgraded.

In Allahabad accommodations will be in 4 person "cottage-like tents".


You will be staying at the following five-star hotels during your stay.

New Delhi:Taj Palace

Varanasi: Taj Ganges


Reservations are based on first-come first-served basis.




Air to Delhi and Varanasi. We will have shuttle service for the majority of the transportation. A taxi service is also available if needed [In such contingency, go to the counter in the airport marked PREPAID TAXI and pay for the destination. This ensures reliable service].




No itinerary changes are permitted in the package Tour. Tour operation reserves the right to modify prices or substitute accommodations if necessary. Prices are based on costs and currency exchange at time of printing and could vary slightly by departure date.



1) For registration and flight reservations, please fax and/or mail your application, as well as check (USA only), money order, or credit card details to:


Search Beyond Adventures

Kumbha Mela Coordinator

4603 Bloomington Avenue ..(this is NEW ADDRESS effective June 1, 2000)

Minneapolis, MN 55407


E-mail: search11@mail.idt.net

Phone: 612-721-2800, Fax: 612-721-3409


Make payable to "Search Beyond Adventures-New England".



2) Those living in Canada may contact:


Arvind Patel

C World Travel Ltd.

Northgate Mall

481 Albert Street North

Regina, SK S4R 3O2


Phone: 306 949-1235, Fax: 306 545-8200

Email: cworld@sk.sympatico.ca






January 31 to February 12, 2001

A study of the Yoga-sutras of Patanjali

(Volume II of Swami Veda Bharati's Commentary)


February 13 to 20, 2001

Silence and Meditation Retreat


Return this form with payment directly to Search Beyond Adventures!

Swami Rama's Ashram & The Meditation Center



Search Beyond Adventures-New England, Inc. and The Meditation Center will endeavor to provide any assistance you may require to make your tour a safe and enjoyable experience. However, participants should note that travel in India can be rugged and in areas without immediate available medical attention. Participants travel at their own risk, realizing the possibility of cancellation, medical conditions, and/or loss of property may be present. Tour operator reserves the right to modify prices or substitute accommodations, if necessary. Prices are based upon costs and currency exchange rates at time of printing and could vary slightly by departure date. Participants thereby release Search Beyond Adventures-New England, Inc. and The Meditation Center and all employees, staff, and volunteers from liability for any such occurrences. Participants may wish to seek the advice of their physician before going on the trip. Part or all of the deposits and final payments you send us may not be refundable in case you cancel the tour. If participants leave the tour early no partial refunds are given. Completion of the application below implies understanding and agreement to these conditions.


"I have read the information above and accept the conditions and risks indicated."



Applicant's signature .........................................................Date



NAME OF TRIP: Kumbha Mela 2001 ..........TRIP DATES: January 17-30, 2001


If you are applying with other family members, please list each name:

APPLICANT'S NAME______________________________________________________________________

PHONE: (Home) (_____)________________...................(Work) (_____)______________

OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS' NAMES__________________________________________________________


STATE/PROV_______ ZIP/POSTAL CODE_______________


E-MAIL______________________________________ HOME AIRPORT_________________

PASSPORT NUMBER ________________________





EMERGENCY CONTACT______________________________ RELATIONSHIP____________



HAVE YOU BEEN TO INDIA BEFORE? _______________ WHERE? ________________


PHYSICAL PROBLEMS, DISABILITIES, ACTIVITY LIMITATIONS: (explain any assistance or special equipment needed)

KNOWN ALLERGIES___________________________

DIET RESTRICTIONS______________________________(lacto-vegetarian meals are standard)


AMOUNT ENCLOSED ($400/person minimum)_________ BALANCE_________


IF PAYING BY VISA, MASTER CARD, OR AMERICAN EXPRESS: (We recommend you authorize both the deposit and balance to simplify coordination.)


1) DEPOSIT PAYMENT: (to be charged upon receipt of this application)


type of credit card .........amount of charge ...........authorized name as it appears on the credit card



account number ............................exp. date ................................signature



2) BALANCE PAYMENT: (to be charged November 17, 2000)


type of credit card .........amount of charge ...........authorized name as it appears on the credit card



account number ............................exp. date ................................signature




Search Beyond Adventures

Kumbha Mela Coordinator

400 S. Cedar Lake Road

Minneapolis, MN 55405 (USA)

Tel. 407-816-7058 ...........Fax 612-377-5861 (fax)



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