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Marie-Luise Claudius was more beautiful than Marlene Dietrich

Remembering the Ufa-Star who died at 29 years


The blond actress Marie-Luise Claudius was always surrounded at the great receptions. The photo shows the Ufa-Star with the sculptor Arno Breker (right) and the mountain climber and movie star Luis Trenker in 1939 in the Reichskanzlei in Berlin.

Foto Copyright: Breker-Archiv, Marco/Bonn


Berlin (bpb) She was more beautiful than Marlene Dietrich, and a great hope of German movies: Marie-Luise Claudius. While Dietrich left Germany with Josef von Sternberg in 1930 after the premiere of the film "Blue Angel", the eleven-years younger blond beauty started her career in Berlin.

Claudius was born as a daughter of a court actor on January 6, 1912. Already as a child she played in roles in the theater. Her debut was in 1933 in the film "Ripening Youth". Till 1940 she had 17 roles in films. Marie-Luise Claudius died on August 2, in Berlin, at the age of 29 years. Her grave at the cemetery on the Lindenstrasse in Wannsee can no longer be located. So she continues to live only in the memories of the European film history.

Marie-Luise Claudius was an acress with good manners. She was said to be reserved and strong-willed at the same time. In the 1930s she represented the typical German girl. She belonger regularly to the guests invited by Adolf Hitler. At a reception for the leading personalities of the German artistic life in February 1939 were among others also: Leni Riefenstahl, Christina Söderbaum, singer Margret Pfahl and the Swedish singer Zarah Leander.

Among the male guests was the intenationally known Czech singer Leo Slezak and the actors Emil Jannings, Paul Wegener, Claus Clausen and Werner Krauss, who played the leading role in the film der on Robert Koch.


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