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Dalí's Heirs Paint a Castle

By B. John Zavrel


'Children of Olympus' by Angerer the Elder.


Le Mont-Dore/New York (meaus) The European Salon of the Phantastic Artists (SAFE) in Le Mont-Dore belongs to the great cultural events during the winter months. The idea is to promote the art of imagination. It all began in the year 2005, as part of the festivities surrounding the Salvador Dalí Centennial celebrations. Dalí's 'Book of the Apocalypse' was reintroduced to the public during an exhibition in this popular Spanish spa town.

Thanks to the efforts of seven artists who formed the artist-group 'Dalí's Heirs', the exhibition became a great cultural event. The success of the exhibition encouraged to town father of the spa town to repeat this cultural experiment in the following years. Thus, in 2006 this exhibition of the phantastic artists attracted 13 first-class artists from all over Europe. As the attendance of the event in 2007 reached 6,000 art lovers, the future of the art salon SAFE was assured.

The exhibition SAFE 2009 brings together 13 artists of world rank to the town of Le Mont-Dore. Their good reputation will guarantee the quality of the current event. The following painters will exhibit 65 artworks in the exhibition, which starts in February 2009:

Angerer the Elder (Germany), Michel Barthölemy (Austria), Marc Desmullier (France), Kazimierz Dzyga (France), Miguel Garcia Diez Spain), Erik Heyninck (Belgium), Peter Hutter (Germany), Micha Lobi (Russia), Michael Maschka (Germany), Fabrizio Riccardi (Italy), Jolanda Richter (Austria), Michaele Van Cotthem (France), and Siegfried Zademack (Germany). This group consists of 7 old, loyas supporters of SAFE and 6 newcomers. The theme of the 2009 exhibition is 'The Castle'.

The exhition runs from February 6 to March 7, 2009. The admission is free.

For more information, visit www.art-fantastique-dali.com

In Germany, contact Angerer-der-Aeltere@gmx.de and visit the website http://www.Angerer-der-Aeltere.de

Angerer the Elder, Abensstrasse 1, 93354 Biburg, Germany. E-mail: info@angerer-der-aeltere.de

web site: http://www.angerer-der-aeltere.de



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