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The Sculpture Garden


 at the Museum of European Art


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B. JOHN ZAVREL ....................................................................... Founder and Director




Estimated cost: $ 60,000

Starting date: May, 2005

Inauguration: July 19, 2008



The ALEXANDER GARDEN will open in 3 years, in the year 2008--when the town of Clarence, New York will celebrate its 200th anniversary. Initially, 15-24 bronze sculptures, portrait-busts of world-known personalities and reliefs by prominent European and American sculptors will be installed in the Alexander Garden by the Inauguration on July 19, 2008. Additional sculptures will be added annually in the years ahead.

The Alexander Garden is located at 10545 Main Street in Clarence, New York, behind the Museum of European Art and next door to Asa Ransom House, the Clarence Historical Museum and the Clarence Town Park. The area of the garden is approximately 18,000t, which will be developed over the next 3 years and beyond.



The annual goals between 2005 and 2008:


1) 2005--PHASE I:

Landscaping to double the usable area.

Install a gazebo for visitors.

Build a 150-foot retaining wall.

Bring in about 420 tons of landfill.


2) 2006--PHASE II:

Install a 640-foot fence around the entire garden.

Invite European sculptors, art collectors and art museums to donate sculptures for the Alexander Garden, and get the first 6-9 sculptures delivered to the museum.

Install 1-3 sculptures.


3) 2007--PHASE III:

Import additional 15 sculptures from Europe.

Continue to seek out and contact exceptional European and American sculptors.

Arrange for delivery of additional 15 sculptures.

Install 3-6 sculptures.


4) 2008--PHASE IV:

Install a signature gateway with wrought iron doors and fence on the north side.

Arrange for delivery of the additional sculptures.

Install additional 11-15 sculptures.

Inauguration on July 19, 2008.



INAUGURATION will take place on July 19, 2008, in the presence of invited guests, prominent personalities and European and American artists.




Estimated cost: $ 15,000

Starting date: May, 2005

Completed on: August 31, 2005


LANDSCAPING--has more than doubled the usable size of the sculpture garden for placement of sculptures.

a) 8 large dead trees, a number of smaller trees and bushes were cut down and removed from the garden.

b) 150-foot long retaining wall from boulders and large stones has been erected along the east side of the garden.

c) 420 tons of landfill and topsoil have been spread around the east, south and west sides of the garden, and seeded with grass.


GAZEBO--will be placed in the south-west corner of the garden. It is a place where visitors can relax, meditate or just enjoy the view of the Alexander Garden.


INVITE EUROPEAN SCULPTORS, art collectors and art museums to donate sculptures for the Alexander Garden.


PHASE II--Install a 640-foot fence around the garden. Import 6-9 sculptures from Europe. Install 1-3 sculptures.


Estimated cost: $ 15,000

Starting date: May 1, 2006

Completion: August 31, 2006



INSTALL A FENCE AROUND THE GARDEN--a 640-foot chain-link fence will be erected around the entiregarden.


SCULPTURE RING--this will be the centerpiece of the Alexander Garden.

The 16-point star layout will represent the starburst emblem of Alexander the Great.

Foundations and pedestals will be prepared for the some of the 16 sculptures, to be located in the center of the garden. The ring will be 42 feet across, and the 16 sculptures will be 9 feet apart.

The ring will be oriented according to the compass, with special sculptures to be located at North, South, West and East.


The layout and selection of artworks for the ALEXANDER GARDEN will be done in cooperation with our team of art experts from Europe and architects from Buffalo, Toronto and New York City.




PHASE III--Import 15 sculptures from Europe. Install 3-6 sculptures.


Estimated cost: $ 15,000

Starting date: May 1, 2007

Completion: July 31, 2007



DELIVERY OF 15 SCULPTURES FROM EUROPE--and other parts of the world will take place during this time. Also works by a few exceptional American, Canadian and Asian artists will be considered.


INSTALL 3-6 SCULPTURES. Portraits of several US Presidents and some world-known personalities are under considerations.





Estimated cost: $ 15,000

Starting date: May 1, 2008

Inauguration: July 19, 2008


SIGNATURE 15-FOOT WROUGHT IRON GATE--will be erected along the north side of the garden. A 6-foot wrought iron fence will be erected on both sides of the gateway.


INSTALL 11-15 SCULPTURES--by June 30, 2008.

In addition to the sculptures of human figures, there will be portrait-busts of a series of important personalities of the 20th and 21st centuries.


INAUGURATION ON JULY 19, 2008--in the presence of invited guests, prominent personalities, European and American artists, the Grandmaster of the Order of Alexander the Great, as well as a number of Knights of the Order.


The inauguration will take place during the year 2008, in which the town of Clarence will celebrate its 200th anniversary.


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Admission to the Inauguration on July 19, 2008 is by invitation only.

For tickets, please contact John Zavrel at zavrel@meaus.com


DONATIONS for the Alexander Garden are encouraged and most welcome, since we do NOT receive any financial support from the US government. Please make your check payable to: Museum of European Art, 10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031 (USA). For more information, contact John Zavrel at (716) 759-6078 during business hours, or by e-mail at zavrel@meaus.com





The Alexander Garden: PHASE ONE has been completed