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Alexander Dinner 2008: Salute America, by Sigurd K. Kuepper

Society event of the Alexander Order Pour le Mérite



Alexander the Great. This wonderful portrait -bust is published in the color catalogue 'Arno Breker: Ueber allem Schönheit'. Breker, the sculptor of the beautiful, created this bust according to the wish of his friend Roger Peyrefitte. The famous French writer is the late Grandmaster OAG. The catalogue with various art items for sale can be ordered at zavrel@meaus.com and in Europe at Marco-VG@gmx.de

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Clarence/New York (bpb) The official Alexander Dinner 2008 of the Alexander Order Pour le Mérite took place in the city of Clarence, New York. The meeting at the renowned Salvatore's Italian Restaurant with antique and modern sculptures and other artworks became a great society event. OAG Grandmaster Dr. Wilson Greatbatch and OAG Chancellor Consul B.John Zavrel welcomed the friends from USA, Canada and Europe. Among the guests of honor where Mr. Warren Greatbatch, Frank J. McGuire, Dr. Julian Ambrus, Prof. Dr. Binyamin Shalumov (Russia) and John G. Bodenstein, leader of the European delegation.

At this meeting two new knights were inducted into the Alexander Order: the painters James Culligan and Eleanor Pauling (both from Canada). The laudatio was given by the OAG Grandmaster for Europe, Josef-Franz Bodenstein (Noervenich Castle). The golden-red-dark blue Ribbon of the Order was handed over by Knight Arnulf Damerau (London).

The "Message to the friends" by the sculptor Kurt Arentz, creator of the the magnificent Bald Eagle in bronze, was read by Marco J. Bodenstein, the curator Museum of European Art (Germany). Arentz recalled in his message: "This eagle was created by my hand in the wildlife refuge in Germany, founded by my friend Horst Niesters, the famous wild-life-photographer.

In this moment, special memories come up. Memories, when I met with the US President Ronald Reagan in his office. On this occasion I handed over to him a smaller bronze of the eagle "Liberty", and the President was very pleased".

Arentz congratulated Consul B. John Zavrel for establishing the Alexander Garden in Clarence, for the benefit for all the citfzen of New York. "May the eagle remaind the future generations about this project of American German Friendship, and international cooperation for peace. May God bless all the friends of art who come to this place!"


OAG Grandmaster Dr. Wilson Greatbatch (right) and Knight Sigurd K. Kuepper, Member of the Secret Council of the Order. The Grandmaster listened with full concentration to the report of the European Knight. Both agreed that the Order should accept more men and women as "Junior Members". For further information, please contact E-Mail: zavrel@meaus.com

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A highlight of the dinner speeches was the "Salute To America", by Knight Sigurd K. Kuepper. The audience applauded with much appreciation. Kuepper thanked the Grandmaster Wilson Greatbatch, the inventor of the implantable pacemaker, for his wise guidance of the Alexander Order. At the beginning of his speach, he pointed out the connection the Olympic Games 2008 in China with Alexander the Great.

In his salute to the friends Kuepper said: "On the behalf of the European delegation, I would like to say a few words at this gathering. In this year of the Olympic Games we remember that Alexander the Great was born in that year 356 BC, when the race-horse of his father had won the Olympic race.

A great day is coming to an end. A wonderful event for the 200th Anniversary of Clarence, and a wonderful event for the Alexander Order Pour le Mérite in the United States of America. Please allow me to say thank you to all those, who made this event come true. First of all, I would Iike to thank our Grandmaster Dr. Wilson Greatbatch, and the Chancellor Consul B. John Zavrel.

Dear Grandmaster, you as the Patron, and dear Mr. Zavrel, you as the executer of positive ideas, both of you give an impressive example of what friendship and trust can create. This was one important reason, why my beloved wife Astrid and my three children came along with me to this event, all the way from Europe.

I am really happy to join this memorable Alexander Dinner, together with all the distinguished guests in this hall. Dear friends of art, please let us toast to strengthen the good and peaceful relations between the people of good will in USA and Europe.

Thank you to the Order, and thank you to all the friends. Salute America, and Salute to the transatlantic friendship. God may bless us all in the years to come. Thank you for your attention".



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