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Number 136 ............................................................................... October 2008

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Coco Chanel collaborated with Jean Cocteau and many other famous personalities of the 20th century. For our article, see Coco Chanel and her world ...


News from Museum of European Art ...

WELCOME, by B. John Zavrel

Art and Our Heritage, by Joe F. Bodenstein

Unveiling of the portrait-bust SWAMI RAMA OF THE HIMALAYAS

Unveiling of the sculpture AMERICAN EAGLE


Boulevard News & Photographs ...  

*** Nobelpreisträger Harald zur Hausen und die Deutsche Krebshilf, von Joe F. Bodenstein

*** Alexander Dinner 2008: Salute America, by Sigurd K. Kuepper

Brad Pitt has a "White House" in Germany, by B. John Zavrel



The recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine, Professor Dr. Harald zur Hausen (right) with the president of the German Cancer Society, Prof. Dr. Dagmar Schipanski, at an earlier event honoring the scientist. Even before the decision of the Nobel Committee, had this leading cancer organization awarded him its the 'German Cancer Society Prize'. For our article, see Nobelpreisträger Harald zur Hausen ...

© U.P. Wienke/Marco-VG, Bonn


Literature & Poetry ... 

*** Jutta Vogel: Die Odyssee der Kinder, von B. John Zavrel

*** Coco Chanel and her world, by B. John Zavrel


New Exhibitions & Arts News ...  

Kurt Arentz und sein „American Eagle" im Alexander Garden USA, von Thomas Blumann



Flat yellow research building just visible on the left at the side of this view of Admiralty Bay, with Adelies coming to meet us. For our article, see JOURNEY TO ANTARCTICA: Penguin Island and the Polish Research Station ...


Health, Science, Economics and Ecology ...

*** Nobelpreisträger Harald zur Hausen und die Deutsche Krebshilf, von Joe F. Bodenstein


Art History & Architecture in Facts & Photos ... 




  May Lindstrom: the attractive photo model gives an interesting interview about her life and work to John LeKay. For the interview, visit MAY LINDSTROM

Photo copyright: David LeBeck, BEND


Events and develoments around the world ...


Interviews, Lectures, Speeches & Eye-Witness Reports ...

*** Interview with the photo-model MAY LINDSTROM

The inventor Wilson Greatbatch, by B. John Zavrel



OAG Grandmaster Dr. Wilson Greatbatch (right) and Knight Sigurd K. Kuepper, Member of the Secret Council of the Order. The Grandmaster listened with full concentration to the report of the European Knight. Both agreed that the Order should accept more men and women as "Junior Members". For further information, please contact E-Mail: zavrel@meaus.com For our article, see Alexander Dinner 2008: Salute America

© Photograph meaus-press


The Order of Alexander the Great for Art and Science ...

Alexander Dinner 2008: Salute America, by Sigurd K. Kuepper

*** New members of Alexander Order: James Culligan and Eleanor Pauling

THE ORDER OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT ( selected articles )

A Castle for the Alexander Order

The Order of Alexander the Great ( general information )


What world leaders think, speak and write ...


The Holocaust survival Rachel Gera (center) with Stephan M. Vogel, the producer and author of the German film „The Odyssey of the Children". The film is based on a book by the author Jutta Vogel (richt) , in which she tells the story of the adventurous escape and the fate of the so-called 'Teheran children'. For our article, see „Die Odyssee der Kinder" ...

© Foto Bodenstein/Marco-VG, Bonn


Sports and OLYMPIA 2008 ...


Travel and sightseeing around the world ...

JOURNEY TO ANTARCTICA: Penguin Island and the Polish Research Station, by Kate Woodward (Part 9)



The charming Brad Pitt, with Angelina Jolie on his side, is at present "the Darling of all Germans". Both have been many times in Germany. They like to go shopping and dining in different locations. For our article, see Brad Pitt has a "White House" in Germany ...

(Foto: Film-Press)


The Gallery of Beauty ...


Art of Our Time & Offers to Art Collectors ...

Books from Museum of European Art


The Iranian musician Keyhan Kalhor will perform in Boston on October 4, 2008. For our article, see Kalhor to Perform in Honor of Molana Rumi ...


Music and Film ... 

*** Zu 70 Jahre Reichspogromnacht: ZDF-History „Die Odyssee der Kinder", von B. John Zavrel

Kalhor to Perform in Honor of Molana Rumi, by B. John Zavrel

ODE TO JOY, by Beethoven. Conductor, Herbert von Karajan


Yoga Science & Philosophy in the 21st Century ...

Swami Veda: States of Consciousness (Part 1)

Friends of Gurukulam. A selection of articles by and about Swami Veda.



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