August 30, 2008


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Number 134 ............................................................................... August 2008

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THE EAGLE, a monumental bronze sculpture by Kurt Arentz. It will be unveiled in the presence of the artist on Sunday, September 7, 2008 at the Sculpture Garden of Alexander, Clarence, New York.



News from Museum of European Art ...




Boulevard News & Photographs ...  

*** Andy Warhol would now be 80 years old, by B. John Zavrel

100 Acorns, by Yoko Ono (100 days of conceptual instructions)



New Exhibitions & Arts News ...  

International Exhibition ART METROPOLIS 2008


'SAN MARINO', an oil painting by the Amherst painter Binyamin Shalumov. This is one of the interesting works that will be shown at the exhibition 'Art Metropolis 2008' in Clarence, New York. The exhibition ART METROPOLIS of 26 artists from Western New York and Canada opens on Sunday, September 7, 2008.



Literature & Poetry ... 



Health, Science, Economics and Ecology ...

Spendenrekord bei der Deutschen Krebshilfe, von Joe F. Bodenstein



Events and develoments around the world ...

Barack Obama speech in front of 200,000 people in Berlin, by B. John Zavrel


German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomes Barack Obama in the Chancellery Berlin. After a short meeting and this official photograph, the Chancellor left the capital for summer vacation. For our article, see Barack Obama speech in front of 200,000 people in Berlin ...

© Photo BPA


Interviews, Lectures, Speeches & Eye-Witness Reports ...

The inventor Wilson Greatbatch, by B. John Zavrel



The Order of Alexander the Great for Art and Science ...

*** THE ORDER OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT ( selected articles )

A Castle for the Alexander Order

*** The Order of Alexander the Great ( general information )



A Journey to Antarctica, Part 7. For our article, see Andrew's Bay and Farewell to South Georgia ...



Art History & Architecture in Facts & Photos ... 



Sports and OLYMPIA 2008 ...



The US President Jimmy Carter and Andy Warhol at the White House in Washington. American presidents always had contacts with famous artists. Also Elvis Presley and many Hollywood stars were guests in Washington. For our article, see Andy Warhol would now be 80 years old ...

Foto: W-Archive/Marco-VG



Travel and sightseeing around the world ...

JOURNEY TO ANTARCTICA: Andrew's Bay and Farewell to South Georgia, by Kate Woodward (Part 7)



Art of Our Time & Offers to Art Collectors ...

Books from Museum of European Art

Works of art for Sale I

Works of art for Sale II



 Margon Falls are located in Margon Village, Fars province of Iran. It is one of the most beautiful falls of Iran. The fall of water in this waterfall has created an unparalleled scene.



Music and Film ... 

*** ODE TO JOY, by Beethoven. Conductor, Herbert von Karajan



Yoga Science & Philosophy in the 21st Century ...

*** Swami Veda: States of Consciousness (Part 1)

Friends of Gurukulam. A selection of articles by and about Swami Veda.



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