September 28, 2008


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Number 135 ............................................................................... September 2008

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Unveiling of the portrait-bust WILSON GREATBATCH in the Alexander Garden of the Museum of European Art in Clarence, New York on September 7, 2008.



News from Museum of European Art ...

WELCOME, by B. John Zavrel

Art and Our Heritage, by Joe F. Bodenstein

New members of Alexander Order: James Culligan and Eleanor Pauling

Unveiling of the sculpture AMERICAN EAGLE

Unveiling of the portrait-bust SWAMI RAMA OF THE HIMALAYAS



Boulevard News & Photographs ...  

100 Acorns, by Yoko Ono (100 days of conceptual instructions)



New Exhibitions & Arts News ...  



Literature & Poetry ... 



It was a very successful TV broadcast in Germany, „Melodies for Millions" with the TV show host Dieter Thomas Heck. The president of the German Cancer Society, Prof. Dagmar Schipanski was among the most popular guests of honor on this show. The German audience is now hoping for another such broadcast.

Foto: ZDF/Marco-Archive



Health, Science, Economics and Ecology ...

*** US Economy: Rudderless, Reeling From Direct Hits, by Paul Craig Roberts  

*** Happy Birthday: Krebshilfe-Präsidentin Dagmar Schipanski, von Joe F. Bodenstein



Events and develoments around the world ...

*** Time Is Running Out, by Ron Paul

*** The Party's Over, by Patrick J. Buchanan



The Order of Alexander the Great for Art and Science ...

THE ORDER OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT ( selected articles )

A Castle for the Alexander Order

The Order of Alexander the Great ( general information )



What world leaders think, speak and write ...

Mikhail Gorbachev harshly criticizes Condoleezza Rice



 For several hours, we sailed along the southern coast of South Georgia, seeing frequent icebergs, and then, suddenly, a wreath of fog appeared at the base of the South Georgia mountain range that reared up from the coast, so the island looked as if it was hovering on the ocean--perhaps, as the sharp outlines grew more and more misty, something from another planet ...

A Journey to Antarctica, Part 8. For our article, see Sailing from South Georgia to the Antarctic Peninsula



Art History & Architecture in Facts & Photos ... 

Arno Breker Archiv



Interviews, Lectures, Speeches & Eye-Witness Reports ...

The inventor Wilson Greatbatch, by B. John Zavrel



Sports and OLYMPIA 2008 ...



Travel and sightseeing around the world ...

*** JOURNEY TO ANTARCTICA: Sailing from South Georgia to the Antarctic Peninsula, by Kate Woodward (Part 8)



The Gallery of Beauty ...



Art of Our Time & Offers to Art Collectors ...

Books from Museum of European Art

Works of art for Sale I

Works of art for Sale II



Music and Film ... 

*** ODE TO JOY, by Beethoven. Conductor, Herbert von Karajan



Yoga Science & Philosophy in the 21st Century ...

*** Swami Veda: States of Consciousness (Part 1)

Friends of Gurukulam. A selection of articles by and about Swami Veda.



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