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May 1 to June 25, 2005


VENEZIA, a painting by Jan Machalek, Montreal is one of the works to be shown at our SPRING 2005 exhibition "ART BOULEVARD".


The SPRING 2005 at exhibition of the Museum of European Art will continue our international initiative to show works of talented, original and ambitious artists together with the works of prominent European artists of our time.

The exhibition will open on Sunday, May 1, 2005 from 2--6 p.m., and will continue through June 25, 2005.

Although most of the artists in this exhibition will be from the Buffalo, New York area, we will also welcome artists from the nearby Toronto, Canada as well as some artists from Europe and other parts of the world.

Artists who are accepted will be invited to show from ONE to THREE of their works of art. Only original works--paintings, graphic works, mixed media, sculptures and photographs will be considered.


Deadline for application is APRIL 15, 2005.


1) Applicants should be talented, original, and serious-minded artists who have a desire to publicize their art through associating with the Museum of European Art.


2) Exhibition fees: Paintings and photographs, $ 45 each. Sculptures, $ 45 each.


3) All artwork must be accompanied by a label containing: artist's name, nationality, date of birth, title of the work, media, year of completion and price.


4) All artwork must be ready to hang (wire or string) and be delivered to the museum by April 15, 2005, by appointment.


5) All artists will receive 50 invitation post-cards and are expected to bring at least 20 guests to the opening, if they live in the Buffalo area.


6) The Museum of European Art will receive a commission of 30% if a work of art is sold, either by the artist or by the Museum during the exhibition. We will NOT be responsible for any possible damage or loss of your works.


This page is on our web site at http://www.meaus.com/2005-art-boulevard.htm


Please fill out this form, and mail it with a photograph of the work you like to exhibit to: John Zavrel, MUSEUM OF EUROPEAN ART, 10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031. Telephone (716) 759-6078 *** By e-mail, submit info and photo to zavrel@meaus.com

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