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 Last updated October 21, 2004

Museum of European Art

10545 Main Street

Clarence, New York 14031

Telephone (716) 759-6078 E-mail: zavrel@meaus.com



There is interest among the Buffalo area artists to take part in exhibitions with other artists not only from Buffalo and Western New York, but also from the Toronto area and from Europe.

For those who are really interested in such an idea, we are have organized an informal group, called "ART BOULEVARD".

The annual Membership Fee for 2005 is only $ 60.


By joining us, you will get these benefits:

1) Assured possibility to exhibit ONE painting in our exhibition "ART BOULEVARD" (May, 2005)

2) Preferred chance to show ONE painting in our exhibition "ART METROPOLIS" (November, 2005)

3) Preferred chance to do a SOLO exhibition (or share with one other artist) at MEA

4) Receive 5% discount at the Museum gift shop

5) Be informed about art-related news, special exhibitions, events etc. through our new

E-list: art-boulevard@yahoogroups.com



To join, please send a check or money order for $ 60 to:

Museum of European Art, 10545 Main Street, Clarence, New York 14031.




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Please join our free ART BOULEVARD e-list:

Click here to join art-boulevard
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