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Internet Bulletin for Arts, Politics and Science

Number 82....................................SPRING 2002


B. JOHN ZAVREL, Publisher

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From the temple of the Goddess: Kore, a magnificent sculpture from the PARTHENON, temple of the goddess Athena on the Acropolis. From the 6th century BCE.

Photo Greek National Museum, Athens



Olympia 2002: The Day When the Torch Came,by Wesley Zavrel

25th Olympiad in Barcelona, by B. John Zavrel

The Decathlete (Jürgen Hingsen), by Dr. Volker G. Probst

Olympia in Review: From the History of the Modern Olympic Games, by John Zavrel.

Sports and Art , by Ulrike Meyfarth

The Olympia Stadium in Berlin, by B. John Zavrel

Sculpture and the Sacral Gesture, by Arno Breker

The Highjumper (Ulrike Meyfarth), by Dr. Volker G. Probst


Fine Arts ...

Hugo Haig-Thomas--A Biography of a Special Artist, by John Gilbert Bodenstein

A Handbook of the Yemen Flora, by B. John Zavrel


Bodenstein Castle--A Place of Art in Europe, by B. John Zavrel

"Women and Flowers": The Life and Work of Alphonse Mucha, by B. John Zavrel

A Present for Ronald Reagan at 91

Art-Work of the Year 2001 , by B. John Zavrel

Without Art There Is No Culture, by Arno Breker

Exhibition "Taking Positions" at Henry Moore Institute, by B. John Zavrel

The Painter - Seer Uri Ely, by B. John Zavrel


Ernst Fuchs als Autobiograph: Dali, Breker und Ich, von B. John Zavrel

Keine Angst vor Arno Breker, von Dr. Antje Vollmer

Das Tier in der Kunst, von Prof. Dr. Siegfried Nöhring

Schloss Bodenstein--Ein Ort der Kunst in Europa

Das Olympia-Stadion in Berlin, von B. John Zavrel



Politics: The Price of Freedom, by Consul B. John Zavrel

Koschyk calls the Czech Prime Minister a Political 'Drunk driver"

Benes Decrees: A Threat to Peace in Europe, by Bernd Castell

The Purpose of Mankind, the Goal of Culture and War, by Hermann Oberth

I Planted Thorn Bushes--Will I Reap Lillies?, by B.John Zavrel

Homage to Ronald Reagan at 91, by Consul B. John Zavrel

President Bush gets German support for his Korea policy


Koschyk nennt tschechischen Ministerpräsidenten Zeman einen politischen Geisterfahrer

Entlastung für Präsident Bush bei den Korea-Kontakten


Boulevard ...

Summertime with Elvis Presley

Denise Erhard-Egret Becomes Mayor in Paris

Leopold Sedar Senghor is dead


Denise Egret-Erhard ist Bürgermeisterin in Paris

Leopold Sedar Senghor ist tot



International scene ...

Salute to Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima


"The Voice of Germany" has many voices, by Joe F. Bodenstein


"The Voice of Germany" hat viele Stimmen, von Joe F. Bodenstein



Leopold Sedar Senghor Festival ...

What is the meaning of Negritude?

Leopold Sedar Senghor--A Hero of Black Africa, by Consul B. John Zavrel



Science and Ecology ...

Why Explore Space , by Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger

A Handbook of the Yemen Flora, by B. John Zavrel

The Preservation of Life by Hans-Dietrich Genscher


Interviews with interesting people of our time ...

Interview with the elder brother of a God-King, by B. John Zavrel



Facts and Art History ...

Is Josef Thorak a forgotten artist?, by Thomas Blumann


Das Porträt Moissey Kogan, von B. John Zavrel

Bronzen von Arno Breker gingen als Beutekunst nach Potsdam

Manfred Welzel: Als Schüler bei Arno Breker 1941 bis 1943

Ist Josef Thorak ein vergessener Künstler?, von Thomas Blumann



History, Holocaust and Human Rights...

Ruth Zucker: My Life as a Spy, by Consul B. John Zavrel

How to overcome the cruelties of the past between Germans and Czechs, by Bernd Castell

Dalai Lama: My Dream for Tibet's Freedom, by B. John Zavrel

Expulsion of Germans , by Dr. Alfred de Zayas

The Lobkowicz Castle in Bohemia, by Consul B. John Zavrel


Ruth Zucker: Meine sieben Leben, von Joe F. Bodenstein

Peter Suhrkamp: Arno Breker hat mich vor den Nazis gerettet

Gustav Zindel: Sudetendeutscher Bauer Florian Setzer, von B. John Zavrel



Poetry and Literature...

OLYMPIA , by Christa Wehner-Radeburg (A poem, English translation).

ODE TO THE SUN, by Swami Rama of the Himalayas


OLYMPIA, von Christa Wehner-Radeburg (A poem in German)



Take Part in Art--Join the "Friends of the Museum" ...

Museum Report on the year 2001

Goals of the Museum



Philosophy of yoga and meditation ...

Swami Veda: 2002 World Tour Itinerary

Swami Veda: 2001 Report

Stay Linked to the Lineage, By B. John Zavrel



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