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Le Festin d'Alexandre le Grand: a painting at the Noervenich Castle, the residence of the Alexander Order in Europe. In front: Bronze of Alexander by Pierre Peyrolle. On the right of the table are to be seen the Knights of the Order: Arno Breker, Salvador Dalí and Ernst Fuchs. On the left side are: Joe F. Bodenstein, the Grandmaster Roger Peyrefitte, and Alexandre de Villiers (Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal). See ARTICLE...

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This week's LATEST articles ...

Papst Benedikt XVI., Richard Wagner und Christian Thielemann

US regime secretly taken over by neocon cabal

DANTE, DALÍ and the Divine Comedy

Arno Breker und das Porträt Kaiser Haile Selassie von 1955

The American democracy is in grave danger, by Al Gore

The ALEXANDER GARDEN at Museum of European Art  






The American sculptor PAT ROBERTS attended the opening of the Museum of European Art in 1994. On that occasion she was interviewed by the art publisher Joe F. Bodenstein. The Museum of European Art and the European Art Foundation (EKS) in Berlin have selected Pat Roberts as the 'Artist of the Month.' See ARTICLE ...

Photo copyright: MARCO/VG, Bonn



New at Museum of European Art ...

Artist of the Month: The sculptor Pat Roberts

The Sculpture Garden at Museum of European Art


Arts News and Exhibition Openings ...

*** Ein Heimat-Museum für Nörvenich, von Thomas Blumann

Exhibition about Alexander the Great, by B. John Zavrel

Dalí's original "railroad art car' leaves Perpignan, by B. John Zavrel


Literature, Poetry, Music and Reviews ...

Salvador Dalí: The Genius of the Peacock, by Christopher Zavrel



Gathering of the Gods: The magnificent bronzes by Arno Breker in the park of the Noervenich Castle in Germany are a big attraction for friends of classical art. Visitors from all over Europe and USA come here, to see these works of art. See ARTICLE...

Photo Copyright Rudolf Uebbing / Marco-VG  



Photography, Film, Theater and TV ... 

Arno Breker & Co on German TV



Pope Benedict XVI. greets among other illustrious guests at the concert in the Vatican the president of Boulevard Metropolis, Stephan Vogel (Berlin).

© Vaticano/Marco-VG



Boulevard News ...

*** Papst Benedikt XVI., Richard Wagner und Christian Thielemann, von Joe F. Bodenstein

Thomas Blumann zum Kurator für Europäische Kunst berufen

Aldi-Brüder sind die reichsten Deutschen

L'Ephèbe d'Agde and Alexander the Great, by B. John Zavrel

US students in the art museum of the Nörvenich Castle

Wedding at the Castle with an honor guard of soldiers



Students from USA, visiting the Noervenich Castle in Germany, have at once recognized the portrait of Salvador Dalí. This bronze by Arno Breker belongs to the most popular picture-taking spots by the visitors to the museum. See ARTICLE ...

© Marco Bodenstein / www.europaeische-kultur-stiftung.org



Art Collectors and Art Market ... 

Birgit Sewekow Kalender 2006 und 2007

*** DANTE, DALÍ and the Divine Comedy, by B. John Zavrel

Bronze Sculpture "Young Lovers" by Josef Thorak

...... more ARTWORKS from Around the World-- Dali, Breker, Fuchs, Arentz, Stendar, etc.


Political Developments and Editorials ... 

*** US regime secretly taken over by neocon cabal

Our Imploding President. Tom Engelhardt interviews Cindy Sheehan


Developments in Medicine, Holistic Health and Nutrition ...

*** Scharfe Kontroverse um aktive Sterbehilfe in Deutschland, von Joe F. Bodenstein

Bei Krebs Hoffnung auf Strahlentherapie, von Joe F. Bodenstein



Art History in Facts & Photos ... 

*** Arno Breker und das Porträt Kaiser Haile Selassie von 1955, von Uwe Möller

Rodin at the Museum Arno Breker, by B. John Zavrel




"Young Lovers", a bronze sculpture by Josef Thorak. For more, see ARTICLE.

© Foto: Thorak-Archiv/Marco-VG


Interviews, Lectures & Eye Witness Reports ...

The American democracy is in grave danger, by Al Gore

President Bush claims God ordered invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan


History, Holocaust & Human Rights... 

*** The War to End All Wars That Started Them All, by Charley Reese

Ruth Zucker: MOTHER OF ISRAEL REMEMBERS, by Consul B. John Zavrel


Heritage ...

Alte Heimat: Kriegern im Sudetenland


Yoga & Meditation ... 

Himalayan Sage Swami Hari to lecture in Florida, by B. John Zavrel

SPIRITUAL CORNER - various articles on yoga and meditation


New Art Books and Hard-to-find Art Catalogs ...  

ART CATALOGS for Art Collectors


ART SHOP for art lovers & collectors ...

ART CATALOGS for Art Collectors



Links to Interesting and Alternative News Websites ...

THE INSIDER ...... essential insights into behind-the-scenes events

DER SPIEGEL ...... website of the top magazine in Germany



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