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Genocide in Tibet: 'GIVE US LIBERTY!'

Arno Breker, Schwerin, Zitate

George W. Bush and Angela Merkel: Barbecue and Politics

World Soccer Cup 2006: War on the Soccer Field

Malethi vocational institute inspired by Swami Rama

Elfi Wörner dies of cancer

Honor for the Jewish patron James Simon



In spite of all the serious talks at the summit of the Group of Eight in St. Petersburg, the US President George W. Bush did not lose his sense of humor. He frightened the German Chancellor Merkel by sneaking up on her from behind and grabbing her neck. The famous European Newspaper Bild-Zeitung (Germany) published this photograph on Tuesday, July 18, 2006, giving the impression of a love attack. But all was really harmless. "It was just a joke", said a German diplomat. For our article, see George W. Bush and Angela Merkel: Barbecue and Politics

Photo: Bild



New at Museum of European Art ...

2006 Events


Boulevard News ...  

*** Elfi Wörner dies of cancer, by B. John Zavrel

*** Honor for the Jewish patron James Simon, by Dr. Ulrich Sewekow


Ehrung für jüdischen Mäzen James Simon, von Dr. Ulrich Sewekow

Elfi Wörner an Krebs gestorben, von B. John Zavrel


Art History in Facts & Photos ... 

*** Spiegel und FAZ auf Hass gegen Arno Breker abboniert, von B. John Zavrel


The glorification of the human being in art is the basic idea for the Olympia Cyclus of Arno Breker. As models, he had crowned Olympic champions. This corresponds to the Olympic spirit of the antiquity. To these sportsmen belongs Ulrike Meyfarth, who won twice the Olympic gold medal in high jump. July 19, 2006 is the 106th birthday anniversary of the artist, who is considered the "Michelangelo of the 20th century."

Foto: Spiegel, Hamburg



Political Developments and Editorials ...   

*** George W. Bush and Angela Merkel: Barbecue and Politics, by B. John Zavrel

In Mahatma Gandhi's Footsteps: Cindy Sheehan on hunger strike



Officers of the German army listen to the widow of the NATO Secretary General Manfred Wörner. Mrs. Elfi Wörner was strongly engaged in the social work for the German army, problem children of military families and in the fight against intestinal cancer. Her own cancer illness has not discouraged her. For article, see Elfi Wörner dies of cancer

© Foto OAG-Archive/Marco-VG



Interviews, Lectures & Eye Witness Reports ...

*** Arno Breker, Schwerin, Zitate

*** Genocide in Tibet: 'GIVE US LIBERTY!', by Consul B. John Zavrel

Malethi vocational institute inspired by Swami Rama, by B. John Zavrel


Sports around the world ...  

*** World Soccer Cup: War on the soccer field, by B. John Zavrel


Medicine, Holistic Health and Nutrition ...

 Deutsche Krebshilfe dankt den Spendern und Peter Alexander, von Joe F. Bodenstein


Yoga & Meditation of the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters

Rishikesh Summit 2007

Swami Veda 2006 World Tour


The Himalayan saint and sage Swami Veda started the American part of his 2006 world tour in Cambridge, Ontario. The first lecture took place in the home of Dr. Gita Morar, a long-time initiate of the Himalayan Tradition and meditation teacher. The fascinating lecture was attended by some 60 serious-minded yoga and meditation students. Next lecture in Toronto will take place on Sunday, July 1 at the Vedic Center in Toronto. The subject is an exposition of some very sacred verses from the ancient Rig Veda.



Literature, Poetry, Music and Reviews ...

By the River Piedra, by B. John Zavrel

Dante Climbs from Sin to Repentance, by B. John Zavrel (Part 1 of 6)



Great honor for the famous Jewish patron James Simon in Berlin. His admirers unveiled a portrait relief in bronze in the German Capital. Simon (1851-1932) was the founder of the German Oriental Society and a great supporter of archaeology during the era of the last German Kaiser. One result of his admirable engagement was the discovery of the now world-wide famous bust of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.

Consul B. John Zavrel, Director for International Affairs of the European Art Foundation, said: "James Simon is an idol in our time. If we had more of such magnanimous personalities to support art und culture, our society would be on the right track.."The photograph shows the grand-grand-nephew of James Simon, Mr. Tim Simon (right) from USA. He took part in the ceremony in Berlin. Left: Dr. Ulrich Sewekow, leading member of the Deutsche Orient Gesellschaft (DOG). For the article, see Honor for the Jewish patron James Simon

© Photograph Marco-VG, Bodenstein



Arts News and Exhibition Openings ...

Ministry of Culture supports Arno Breker Exhibition

 Kurt Arentz at the Nörvenich Castle


Kultusministerium unterstützt Arno Breker Ausstellung

Arno Breker in Schwerin -- Eine Kunst-Ausstellung.  


The sculptor Kurt Arentz with the painter Markus Lüpertz (right). Both try their hand also in another area. The museum has also paintings, drawings and graphics by Arentz. For our article, see Kurt Arentz at the Nörvenich Castle



Art of our time ...

Dante Climbs from Sin to Repentance, by B. John Zavrel


Art Collectors and Art Market ... 

...... ARTWORKS from Around the World 




'THE FALLEN ANGEL', woodcut # 35 by Salvador Dalí. With the depiction of the fallen angel the painter departs from the text of the poet. Dalí shows the angel with his typical drawers. They are the symbol of remembering, secrets, the guarding of the past and the forgotten. For our article, see Dante Climbs from Sin to Repentance



Our "ART GALLERY & GIFT SHOP" for art lovers & collectors ...

ART CATALOGS for Art Collectors


Human rights, Holocaust and Individual Freedoms in our times ...

RUTH ZUCKER - Mata Hari of Israel Remembers, by Consul B. John Zavrel

THE EXPULSION OF GERMANS: A crime against humanity, by Dr. Alfred de Zayas  



The successful singer and recording artist Madonna continues to surprise and enchant her admirers around the world. Again at her best, at one of her recent concerts in the summer of 2006.



Dante's DIVINA COMEDIA: Purgatorio


Dante Climbs from Sin to Repentance, by B. John Zavrel (Part 1 of 6) 



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