February 26, 2007


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Number 116 ............................................................................... February 2007

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      Happy Birthday Wishes to a Great Lady !!

Professor Dr. Rita Süssmuth, the former President of the German Parliament turns 70 on February 17, 2007. The lady--one of the truly great politicians in Europe--is shown here with John G. Bodenstein, the President of the European Art Foundation/Berlin at the opening of an exhibition in the Museum of European Art at the Nörvenich Castle, near Cologne.

© Foto Marco-VG




Memories of Arno Breker on his death anniversary in 2007

Czech President: Man-Made Global Warming a 'Myth'

The 2nd Most Expensive War in American History



Arts News from around the world ...

Arno Breker Gedenken am Todestag 2007

The National Art Center in Tokyo, by B. John Zavrel




New Exhibitions

Dalí and the Spanish Baroque, by B. John Zavrel

Tokyo Exhibition 'Living in the Material World'



Photography, Film, Theater & TV ...    

Elvis Presley remains a Book of Seven Seals, by B. John Zavrel



Elvis Presley liked very much to read good reports about himself. He really enjoyed the artful photographs, taken by others of him. Photographers of his time saw in Elvis not only the great artist, but also a rebirth of the mythological Narcissus, a person who is in love with himself. For our article, visit Elvis Presley remains a Book of Seven Seals ...

© Photograph EP-Archive



Literature, Poetry and Music ...

Knight, Death and Devil, by Renate Stendar



Boulevard News & Photographs ...  

*** Czech President: Man-Made Global Warming a 'Myth'

Rita Süssmuth 70 Jahre, von John G. Bodenstein

Bundeskanzlerin Merkel bei der BDI--Gala in Berlin, von B. John Zavrel



Arno Breker in his studio. February 16, 2007 was the 16th anniversary of his death in 1991. The front cover of the art-book 'Arno Breker: A Life for the Beautiful". The publication in English, French and German contains more than 500 photographs about the life and works of the great sculptor. You can order this book at zavrel@meaus.com For our article, see Memories of Arno Breker on his death anniversary in 2007 ...

© Foto Marco-VG



Interviews, Lectures, Speeches & Eye Witness Reports ...

*** Memories of Arno Breker on his death anniversary in 2007

The Global Warming Myth, by Dr. Timothy Ball

Schuhbeck und Deutschlands Spitzenköche beim BDI, von Joe F. Bodenstein

We trusted the judgment of our national leaders, by Senator James Webb 



Offerings to Art Collectors to support the Alexander Sculpture Garden ... 

The Alexander Sculpture Garden




From Moscow in winter 2007: The Russian model Natalia Vetlitskaya



News from Museum of European Art ...

Exhibition 'The Genius of Salvador Dalí': February 1 to March 26, 2007

Previous Events at Museum of European Art



Art History & Architecture in Facts & Photos ... 

Bodenstein Castle: A Place of Art in Europe, by Consul B. John Zavrel



The architect Kisho Kurokawa believes that the concept of the National Art Center in Tokyo reflects a new way of thinking in the 21st century. For our article, see The National Art Center in Tokyo ...



Artist of the Month ...

*** Memories of Arno Breker on his death anniversary in 2007



Politics and International developments ...   

*** The 2nd Most Expensive War in American History, by Eric Margolis

Stop the Iran War Before It Starts, By Scott Ritter


Scott Ritter: one of the UN's top weapons inspectors in Iraq between 1991 and 1998. Before working for the UN, he served as an officer in the US Marines and as a ballistic advisor to General Norman Schwarzkopf in the first US War on Iraq. He is the author of many books, including 'Iraq Confidential'. For our article, see Stop the Iran War Before It Starts, By Scott Ritter ...



Art of our time ...

Edmund Stoiber von Kurt Arentz in Bronze verewigt, von Marco Bodenstein

DALÍ Jewels, by B. John Zavrel


The fascinating Dalí Bust by the sculptor Arno Breker is decorated with the jewel "The Eye of Time". It is one of the precious works, reproduced after the original design by Salvador Dalí from 1949. This work belongs to the Royal Dalí Collection of the Museum of European Art. More on Jewels of Dalí is to be found in the catalogue "Dalí Jewels/Joyas". (order at info@europaeische-kultur-stiftung.org ) For our article, see DALÍ Jewels ...

© Photograph Marco Bodenstein/Dali-Archive



Science, Medicine, Education and Technology ... 

Deutsche Krebshilfe eröffnet Palliativzentrum in Göttingen, von Joe F. Bodenstein

Beyond Concepts and Mind, by B. John Zavrel



Yoga Science & Philosophy in the 21st Century

The Night of Shiva, by Swami Chidanand Saraswati

Rishikesh Summit 2007

Swami Veda, Rishi Veda: A Sage for the 21st Century

The Perennial in the Millennium, by Swami Veda Bharati

The Power of Non-violence in Everyday Life, by Swami Veda



'Knight, Death and Devil', one of the latest work by the Swiss sculptor Renate Stendar. For our article, see Knight, Death and Devil ...

Photo copyright: Renate Stendar



Crimes against humanity: Wars, Expulsions, Genocide & Nuclear intimidation ...

The new wars on Iran and Syria, by Geov Parrish

Mata Hari of Israel Remembers, by Consul B. John Zavrel

Genocide in Tibet by China, by Consul B. John Zavrel

Expulsion of Germans in Europe (1945 & 1946), by Dr. Alfred de Zayas  



Meditation in the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters ...

LEARN TO MEDITATE. Introduction to Meditation in the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters

Worldwide Meditations with Swami Veda (2007 full-moon dates & times for world-wide meditations)

Friends of Gurukulam. A selection of articles by and about Swami Veda.



St. Petersburg/New York (mea) One of the most popular Florida attractions for art lovers and especially for Dalí afficionados is the Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg. For our article, see Dalí and the Spanish Baroque ...


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