May 31, 2008


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Number 131 ............................................................................... May 2008

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The German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Jerusalem diring her speech in the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset. On the right, the Presient of the Knesset, Dalia Itzik. For our article, see Ob Obama, Clinton oder McCain ...

© bpa, Foto Steffen Kugler



News from Museum of European Art ...




New Exhibitions & Arts News ...  

Sculpture Garden of Alexander the Great in Clarence

Bodenstein Castle: A Place of Art in Europe, by Consul B. John Zavrel




ENIGMA, by the Amherst painter Binyamin Shalumov. This was one of the interesting works shown at a previous Art Metropolis exhibition in Clarence, New York. For our article, see ART METROPOLIS 2008 ...



Literature & Poetry ... 

The Persian poet Sa'di Shirazi, by B. John Zavrel

Paradiso: Dante and Dalí



OLYMPIA 2009 ...

Olympic Flame went around the world in 2004

In Honor of Zeus: OLYMPIA



Interviews, Lectures, Speeches & Eye-Witness Reports ...

The inventor Wilson Greatbatch, by B. John Zavrel




The Persian poet Sa'di Shirazi is the author of 'Boustan' (The Orchard) and 'Golestan' (Tho Rose Garden). For our article, see The Persian poet Sa'di Shirazi ...



The Order of Alexander the Great for Art and Science ...

A Castle for the Alexander Order

The Order of Alexander the Great



Boulevard News & Photographs ...  

Singer Kylie Minogue feiert Triumphe, von Joe F. Bodenstein

Frankreichs Sternekoch Paul Haeberlin gestorben, von Marco Bodenstein



"It was the first of May, the time of love" ... the Russian beauty and 2004 Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva has been romantically linked with President Putin.



The Gallery of Beauty ...

GALLERY OF THE BEAUTIFUL: Jean Cocteau--Tete Orphee



Art History & Architecture in Facts & Photos ... 



Health, Science, Economics and Ecology ...



King penguins, identifiable by the orange markings on their heads and the yellow/orange coloring around the throat. For our article, see JOURNEY TO ANTARCTICA ...



Travel and sightseeing around the world ...

JOURNEY TO ANTARCTICA: Ice! and preparing for South Georgia, by Kate Woodward (Part 4)



Art of Our Time & Offers to Art Collectors ...

Books from Museum of European Art

Works of art for Sale I

Works of art for Sale II



Amber Digby: her beautifully honest voice and her talent disarm and astonish us when we first come into contact with her songs.



Music and Film ... 

Herbert von Karajan: Beethoven's 5th Symphony


Musician Revives Chang, an ancient harp




Salvador Dalí created illustrations to Dante's immortal poem The Divine Comedy. For our article, see Paradiso: Dante and Dalí...



Yoga Science & Philosophy in the 21st Century ...

Swami RAMA: Prayer, Meditation and Contemplation (Part 3)

Friends of Gurukulam. A selection of articles by and about Swami Veda.



Archives ...

Yrsa von Leistner



Political develoments around the world ...

Ob Obama, Clinton oder McCain: Deutsche Kanzlerin steht zu den USA, von B. John Zavrel


John Edwards endorsed former rival Barack Obama. He made a surprise appearance with Obama in Grand Rapids, Mich., as the Illinois senator campaigns in a critical general election battleground state. John Edwards, who received a thunderous ovation when Obama introduced him to a crowd of several thousand, said, "brothers and sisters, we must come together as Democrats" to defeat McCain. "We are here tonight because the Democratic voters have made their choice, and so have I."




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