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Number 120 ............................................................................... June 2007

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113th Birthday Anniversary HERMANN OBERTH,

the 'Father of Space Flight'


Born on JUNE 25, 1894: Professor Hermann Oberth, the "Father of Space Flight," is shown in the Hermann Oberth Rocket & Space Flight Museum in Feucht, Germany (near Nuremberg). For our article, see Hermann Oberth: Half a century ahead ...



News from Museum of European Art ...

Catalog Binyamin Shalumov: Return to Paradise

Alexander Sculpture Garden in May 2007

"Another Glance at Salvador Dalí". Exhibition at MEA, May 1 to August 24, 2007



Reports from around the World ...

PRAGUE: Bush endangers Europe

COLOGNE: Binyamin Shalumov in Germany  

MOSCOW: The Russian Bear Awakes, by Eric Margolis

WASHINGTON: Cheney's virtual declaration of war vs. Iran

NEW YORK: The Assault on Reason, by Al Gore




The German Chancellor Angela Merkel with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, during the recent G-8 meeting of world leaders. The meeting was disrupted by the US plans to install radars in the Czech Republic and missiles in Poland, clearly aimed against Russia. This brings new danger to Europe--to be once again a target of Russian nuclear missiles. For our article, see The Russian Bear Awakes ...



Video Clips on Internet

 *** The beauty of women in Art



New Exhibitions & Arts News ...

*** Painter Birgit Sewekow created a 'Faust Series' for Goethe's anniversary in 2007, by B. John Zavrel

Binyamin Shalumov in Germany  

Alexander Sculpture Garden in May 2007

Malerin Birgit Sewekow gestaltete Faust-Zyklus zum Goethe-Jahr 2007, von B. John Zavrel

Christian Peschke: Bildhauer und Maler, von Thomas Blumann



Mephisto and Faust: the two main characters of the poem by Goethe. The painter Sewekow depicts the two in conversation. For our article, see Painter Birgit Sewekow created a 'Faust Series' ...

© BS-Archiv/Marco-VG, Bonn



Nature, Wildlife and Ecology ...

The Assault on Reason, by Al Gore



Art History & Architecture in Facts & Photos ... 

The Archive Adolf Ziegler

Bodenstein Castle: A Place of Art in Europe, by Consul B. John Zavrel

Binyamin Shalumov in Deutschland



A painting by Adolf Ziegler.

© Adolf Ziegler (1950), EKS and Marco-VG (1970)



Boulevard News & Photographs ...  

Kurt Arentz und Horst Niesters sind Ritter des Hubertus-Ordens, von B. John Zavrel

Erica Pappritz: Prominent people are no example for good manners, by Thomas Berg

German painter Jörg Immendorff is dead, by B. John Zavrel



 Photography, Film, Theater & TV ...    

'Sicko' spawns Moore fever in Cannes, by Jill Lawless

Shaw Festival 2007, by B. John Zavrel


The „First Lady of Etiquette" Erica Pappritz, with the diplomatic correspondent Joe F. Bodenstein in her residence in Bonn on the Rhine River. The conversation took place in a royal atmosphere with tea served from a silver English teapot. The finest pralines and a Gherkin Sandwich a la Queen were part of it. For our article, see Erica Pappritz: Prominent people are no example for good manners ...

© Pappritz-Archiv, Marco-VG



Space Travel & Exploration ...

*** Mankind's technological tasks for the future, by Hermann Oberth

Russia sees moon plot in NASA plans, by Adrian Blomfield

The Inventor Wilson Greatbatch, by Consul B. John Zavrel



Literature, Poetry & Music ... 

A collection of poems from Iran

Shaw Festival 2007, by B. John Zavrel



My Childhood" is the title of this oil painting, which recalls the young years of the painter in Dagestan. The size of the painting is 76 x 101 cm, and it can be seen at the exhibition in Europe. It is also included in the exhibition catalog. For our article, see Catalog Binyamin Shalumov: Return to Paradise

© Foto Catalog/Marco-VG


The Order of Alexander the Great for Art and Science ...

Alexander Sculpture Garden in May 2007

The Order of Alexander the Great



Science, Medicine, Business, Education & Technology ... 

Pionierarbeit der Deutschen Krebshilfe gegen Rauchen in Schulen, von Joe F. Bodenstein

America Leads the World ... in War Profits !!, by Frida Berrigan



SAINT JOAN by the Irish playwright Bernard Shaw is one of the 2007 series of plays now being performed in Niagara-on-the-Lake, some 20 miles east of Niagara Falls, Canada. For our article, see Shaw Festival 2007 ...



Art of Our Time & Offers to Art Collectors

Catalog Binyamin Shalumov: Return to Paradise

Katalog Binyamin Shalumov: Return to Paradise



Interviews, Lectures, Speeches & Eye-Witness Reports ...

Picasso in Paris, by Arno Breker

Erica Pappritz: Prominente sind kein Vorbild für gutes Benehmen, von Thomas Berg



The painter Binyamin Shalumov (right) with the presidential advisor G.M. Gamzatov from the Republic of Dagestan. (left). The European Art Foundation Berlin dedicates a large exhibition to the artist during the presidency of the Council of the European Union of the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. For our article, see Binyamin Shalumov in Germany  



Dante Alighieri's & Salvador Dalí's "Divine Comedy": PURGATORY ...

Dante Climbs from Sin to Repentance, by B. John Zavrel (Part 1 of 6) 

Dante's passage through the Needle's Eye, by B. John Zavrel (Part 2 of 6)

Dante and the Whip of Wrath, by B. John Zavrel (Part 3 of 6)

Dante and the Rein of Avarice, by B. John Zavrel (Part 4 of 6)

Dante and the Lustful, by B. John Zavrel (Part 5 of 6)

Dante and Beatrice in the Earthly Paradise, by B. John Zavrel (Part 6 of 6)



Pablo Picasso's life-long art dealer Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler (right), meets Arno Breker's editor Joe F. Bodenstein in Paris. Kahnweiler was a Jew who grew up in Germany. He knew Arno Breker since 1927, and has cooperated with Breker's Jewish art dealer Alfred Flechtheim in Berlin until 1932. For our article, see Picasso in Paris ...

Photo Copyright: Marco-Press, Bonn



Politics & Current International Developments ...   

Path to national suicide, by Patrick J. Buchanan



Crimes against humanity: Wars, Expulsions, Genocide & Nuclear intimidation ...

Genocide in Tibet by China, by Consul B. John Zavrel

Expulsion of Germans in Europe (1945 & 1946), by Dr. Alfred de Zayas  

Mata Hari of Israel Remembers, by Consul B. John Zavrel



'Smile of a Caravan of Sigh',  a new collection of poems from Iran. For our article, see A collection of poems from Iran ...



International Lifestyles...

Receptions at Art Museum in Clarence 

Previous Events at Museum of European Art



Yoga Science & Philosophy in the 21st Century

Swami Veda, Rishi Veda: A Sage for the 21st Century

Friends of Gurukulam. A selection of articles by and about Swami Veda.




UNDER CONSTRUCTION: THE ALEXANDER SCULPTURE GARDEN in Clarence, New York. The Spanish flag, in the center of the circle of 16 pedestals reminds of the current exhibition of graphic work of the great Catalan painter Salvador Dalí. A larger-than-life portrait of Dalí will be one of the special artworks in the Alexander Sculpture Garden in Clarence, New York. For our article, see Alexander Sculpture Garden in May 2007 ...



Interesting international websites ... 

Mythic Journeys

New Scientist Magazine


Der Spiegel - International edition

The Insider

Executive Intelligence Report


Nicholas Roerich Museum


Tibet House

Pravda (Photo-reports from Russia)

Salvador Dali Museum/St. Petersburg, Florida

Drudge Report


The prominent contemporary German painter Jörg Immendorff is dead at the age of 61 years. One of his last works, a 'Golden portrait' of the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder was completed in March 2007. The artist presented the work as a temporary loan to the Chancellor, who was enchanted by the portrait. For our article, see German painter Jörg Immendorff is dead ...



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